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Christmas Gesture

Enter Before October 31, 2020 for the

Early Bird

When you register before October 31, 2020 you are automatically entered into the early bird draw. There are seven cash prizes ranging from $100 to $300 each. Applications accepted for every COTTFN registered adult member. Final Deadline Date: November 20, 2020 – NO EXCEPTIONS.

2020 Christmas Gesture Online registration form

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Thunderbird Trust Christmas Gesture Policy and Registration/Application rules

Policy & Procedures


To provide financial assistance to Chippewas of the Thames Members during the Christmas season


You are required to provide the following for your application to be complete. 

  1. PROOF OF ID: Copy of front and back of status card – if expired will confirm membership with Beulah Kechego
  2. PROOF OF ADDRESS: Copy of a current bill or rent receipt (within the last 60 days) which must show name, household address and current date to qualify.  Last name must match on ID and proof of address, if not must provide proof of name change.  Envelopes are NOT acceptable proof of address. (Proof of address not applicable for Covid Christmas Gesture 2020).


  1. Applications now being accepted! Early Bird application deadline October 31, 2020.
  3. Incomplete or Late applications will NOT qualify.



1.1 Definitions:

In this policy:” Member” means a person on the Chippewas of the Thames Band List and also interchangeable with “citizen’, Specific Uses of Trust Property:  Benevolent Purposes Section 8.1 Subject to the terms of this Trust, the Trustees may in their absolute discretion authorize the use of the Trust Property for the following purposes: (h) to fund programs that enhance Chippewa culture, language, history, tradition, music, dance and arts;

1.2 Eligibility & Assistance

  1. Must be a registered member of the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation 18 years of age or older
  2. Limit only one applicant per house hold.  Duplicate addresses will require clarification and may affect eligibility.
  3. Must NOT have overdue final reports and/or payments owed to the Trust.
  4. Cheques must be cashed within 3 months of issue, if lost or stolen contact office by January 31 for assistance

Due to Covid-19 protocols we are not accepting in-person registrations/ Applications

For questions or concerns contact us:

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