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What is the Trust For

How do members benefit

At the time of the Clench Fraud Land Claim Settlement, one of the things considered was, “how could it benefit the entire community, then and into the future?” In 2004, when the claim was settled, a Trust gave COTTFN the most flexibility for their settlement money, to benefit the community (and members) immediately, and over the long term. In the end it was agreed to that there would be a one-time per capita distribution payment to every living, registered member (at the time of settlement). After the one-time payment, the rest of the trust property would go toward investments for future generations, and other portfolios to help members and the community overall.

The Trust was presented to the community and voted on. In order to 

Moving Forward

Specific Uses of the Trust

Per Capita Distribution

One-time disbursements were part of the settlement agreement to ensure all members benefited.

Benevolent Purposes

This is a broad area, but the Trust has also given out a Christmas Gesture every year since inception.

Economic Development

We wish to ensure that our community continues to grow with our members.


We are doing our part to contribute to our community's basic needs.

What if we spend it all

Authorized Spending

How does it work?

The Trust has transparent processes with approvals coming through annual public audits.

The Public Audit

The audit is presented to the community in a public forum. Members have access to up-to-date Audits.

Investment Portfolio

The majority of our capital is spread out into an investment portfolio.

Fiera Capital Corporation

Trustees initiated the process to seek a new investment manager based on the performance of the previous.
Investment Managers

Administration and Operation

The Administration and Expense Budget is presented and open to the community. The 2020 Budget is available to the community.

Trustees & Manager

The Manager and the Trustees manage and operate the Trust with community input from community meetings.
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Community Benefits

Through community meetings, we invest in opportunities for COTTFN members.

Previous Projects

Economic Development, Benevolent Funding and Housing- the Trust contributes to the community.
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Do you need a copy of the trust Agreement?

Chippewas of the Thames Members

Ramona Sault, General Manager

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Austin Henry, Trust Chair

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Megan Huff, Vice-Chair

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