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Clinton Albert

Martha Albert

Ron Deleary

Merle Fisher

William Fisher

Austin Henry

George E. Henry (Chair)



Fred Albert

Shane Fisher

Kristen Hendrick

Austin Henry (Chair)

Mary McGahey

Audrey Stonefish

Fred Waucash


Fred Albert

G. Clinton Albert

Danielle Grosbeck

Austin Henry

Mary McGahey (Chair)

R. Joe Miskokomon

Leslee White-Eye



Trustees 2011


Back Row l-r:

Donna Boshart, Danielle Grosbeck, Leslee White-Eye

Front Row l-r:

Marcellian French, Mary McGahey (Chair), Kristen Hendrick

Not in photo: Nancy Deleary



Trustees 2011 2012


Back Row l-r: Betsylee Kechego, Leslee White-Eye (Chair), R.Shane Fisher, Warren Huff

Front Row l-r: Monty McGahey, G. Clinton Albert, Kristen Hendrick







G. Clinton Albert

R. Shane Fisher

Kristen Hendrick

Austin Henry

Betsylee Kechego

Monty McGahey II

Leslee White-Eye (Chair)